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Pet Fence Services

Our safe, humane pet fence is ideal for keeping your loved animal, within a specified area.

How PetFence® Works

  1. A transmitter is located in the garage or house and transmits a radio signal through...

  2. A wire is buried around the area where your pet is allowed to play.  Areas such as landscaping and swimming pools can also be "fenced" to keep your pet out of these areas.  The wire sends a signal to...

  3. A tiny computer worn on your pet's collar.  The signal tells your pet where his boundaries are.  Your pet is then trained to obey the signal.

  4. Initially, your pet is trained to obey the audible tone emitted from the receiver.  If he/she ignores the tone...

  5. He/She receives a mild correction similar to static electricity.  Your pet is startled by the correction but is never harmed in any way.  In fact, PetFence ® is the only system to be licensed by the Humane Society of the United States!

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